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1st Edition

Microbial Bioprocessing of Agri-Food Wastes, Four-Volume Set in press


Published in CRC CAMBRIDGE Taylor and francis routledge
Volume: 1
Issue: 1
Pages: 66 - 85

This book set provides an overview of the methodologies of bio-processing, sustainable production of agri-food waste, the assessment and management of bioactive molecule production from microbial-valorization of agri-food waste, and their industrial applications. This set also provides an overview of the tools and processes that make or modify products and improve plants for specific uses, and discusses the utilization of livestock in agricultural systems by the use of

Valorization of pectin from fruit wastes for sustainable production of value-added compounds by Actinomycetes Suneetha Vuppu, Praveen Kumar, Arjun Chinamgari

microbial approach. The authors examine technical concepts and processes for the enhanced bioproduction of various bio-products for commercial interest. They also discuss the main process conditions needed to overcome the difficulties of using waste as alternative raw materials and cover the main processes for obtaining the relevant enzymes for commercial purpose. They then review the technical-economic details on the advantages and disadvantages of exploring the waste recovery chain. Fianlly, they explore the main technological advances in the recovery of residues in functional products and encompass solid research to explore the broad potential of future microbial applications. This book is intended for biotechnologists, biologists, bioengineers, biochemists, microbiologists, food technologists, enzymologists, and related researchers.

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