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A CASE Study on Software Project Development Cost, Schedule & Effort Estimation
, Seetha Ramaiah P.
Published in Innovare Academic Sciences Pvt Ltd
Volume: 10
Issue: 13
Pages: 10 - 14
This paper theme is to provide a case study of Software Project Development cost, effort, and schedule estimation. From recent past, a remarkable research takes place in developing different techniques on software effort and cost estimation. Making estimation before start of any project is necessary to be able to plan and manage any project. The estimate is an intelligent guess for the project resources. Nowadays, software has become a major contributor to economic growth for any nation. Making an estimate before starting any software project is vital for the project managers and key stakeholders. Major project milestones such as project schedules, budgeting, resource allocation, and project delivery dates are set on theeffort and cost estimates. Thus, the reliability of the estimation leads any project success or otherwise fail. In this article, author’s idea is to work with function point analysis and include the concept of workforce scheduling in a better way while taking the decision in the contract phase. That leads to strengthening the relations between the developer and the customer. Basically, size is a main measured unit of the software project. Based on the size and other functionalities, the software managers estimate the total effort required to develop the project. From the effort and work schedule, the total cost can be estimated.
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JournalAsian Journal of Pharmaceutical and Clinical Research
PublisherInnovare Academic Sciences Pvt Ltd
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