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A Chain Topology for Efficient Monitoring of Food Grain Storage using Smart Sensors
Mishra A.K, , Obaidat M.S, Tan Z, , Sadoun B, Puthal D.
Published in SCITEPRESS - Science and Technology Publications
Volume: 1
Pages: 89 - 98
Due to lack of an efficient monitoring system to periodically record environmental parameters for food grain storage, a huge loss of food grains in storage is reported every year in many developing countries, especially south-Asian countries. Although Smart Sensor Networks have been successfully implemented in various applications such as health-care, military, and wildlife monitoring, there are still various issues to be addressed in food grain storage monitoring applications. Due to the food grain storage infrastructure constraints, the commonly practiced network topologies of sensor devices such as mesh, star, and grid cannot provide an effective monitoring environment. In this paper, we proposed a topology using smart sensors that can effectively cover and monitor the food grain storage area. It uses a chained structure of sensor devices with directional antennas to accurately sense and report the environmental data. The proposed topology works better than common topologies due to its chain-based structure which remains unaffected by various hindrance imposed due to food grain storage infrastructure. From the experimental results it is conclude that the proposed topology has effective coverage percentage, detection accuracy, and message delivery over Cluster-based and Mesh topologies in food grain storage environments. Copyright © 2018 by SCITEPRESS - Science and Technology Publications, Lda. All rights reserved
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JournalProceedings of the 15th International Joint Conference on e-Business and Telecommunications
PublisherSCITEPRESS - Science and Technology Publications
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