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A Contemporary Review on Utilizing Semantic Web Technologies in Healthcare, Virtual Communities, and Ontology-Based Information Processing Systems

, Yuh-Chung Hu, Satish Kumar Masilamani, Kuo-Yi Huang
Published in Multidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute
Volume: 11
Issue: 3
Pages: 1 - 29

The semantic web is an emerging technology that helps to connect different users to create their content and also facilitates the way of representing information in a manner that can be made understandable for computers. As the world is heading towards the fourth industrial revolution, the implicit utilization of artificial-intelligence-enabled semantic web technologies paves the way for many real-time application developments. The fundamental building blocks for the overwhelming utilization of semantic web technologies are ontologies, and it allows sharing as well as reusing the concepts in a standardized way so that the data gathered from heterogeneous sources receive a common nomenclature, and it paves the way for disambiguating the duplicates very easily. In this context, the right utilization of ontology capabilities would further strengthen its presence in many web-based applications such as e-learning, virtual communities, social media sites, healthcare, agriculture, etc. In this paper, we have given the comprehensive review of using the semantic web in the domain of healthcare, some virtual communities, and other information retrieval projects. As the role of semantic web is becoming pervasive in many domains, the demand for the semantic web in healthcare, virtual communities, and information retrieval has been gaining huge momentum in recent years. To obtain the correct sense of the meaning of the words or terms given in the textual content, it is deemed necessary to apply the right ontology to fix the ambiguity and shun any deviations that persist on the concepts. In this review paper, we have highlighted all the necessary information for a good understanding of the semantic web and its ontological frameworks.

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