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A Credential Data Privacy Preserving in Web Environment Using Secure Data Contribution Retrieval Algorithm
Published in The Intelligent Networks and Systems Society
Volume: 10
Issue: 3
Pages: 363 - 370

Preservation of privacy is a significant aspect of data mining and as the secrecy of sensitive information must be maintained while sharing the data among different untrusted parties. There are many application is suffering from vulnerable, data leakage, data misuse, and sensitive data disclosure issues. To protect the privacy of sensitive data without losing the usability of data, various techniques have been used in privacy-preserving data mining (PPDM). Some of the approaches are available to maintain the tight privacy, but they fail to minimize the execution time and error rate. The main objective of the article is to contribute and retrieve the data with minimal classification error and execution time with enhanced privacy. To overcome the issues, the paper introduces the Secure Data Contribution Retrieval algorithm (SDCRA) to fulfill the current issues. Proposed algorithms define a privacypolicy and arrange the security based on requirements. This design applies the privacy based on the compatibility of applications. This approach is capable of satisfying the accuracy constraints for multiple datasets. It also considers the efficient data extraction with a good ranking of attributes in tables. Here, proposed SDCRA is compared with existing approaches namely as Perturbation, singular value decomposition (SVD), Singular Value Decomposition data Perturbation (SVD+DP), K-anonymity with DecisionTree (KA+DT)[] for Cancer, HIV, Diabetes dataset. Based on experimental result proposed approach performs well regarding success rate, error rate and system execution time compare than existing methods. Proposed approach improves Success Rate 1.83% reduces the Error Rate 2.33% and minimizes the system execution time 2 seconds

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JournalInternational Journal of Intelligent Engineering and Systems
PublisherThe Intelligent Networks and Systems Society
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