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A Detailed Review on Challenges and Imperatives of Various CNN Algorithms in Weed Detection
S. Veeragandham,
Published in Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.
Pages: 1068 - 1073
Weed is one of the main reason for getting less production in agriculture field. At present, farmers are using herbicides to control the weed but it's having negative impact on crop production. To increase the crop production, farmers want to reduce the usage of herbicides. One of the machine learning algorithm, convolution neural network used to classify the weed and crop with high accuracy. CNN gives the best performance in some critical situations also, such as collected images of different lighting conditions, identification of plant species, overlapped crop with weed and designing an autonomous patch sprayers. This review article presents a brief overview of some significant research efforts in weed detection system by using image processing techniques and convolution neural network in machine learning algorithms. Not only CNN, this article reviewed different successful machine learning techniques of supervised and unsupervised learning approaches such as support vector machines, random forest and artificial neural network. This paper aims at providing different challenges and imperatives of various convolution neural network algorithms used in weed detection. Finally, compared different convolution neural network architectures and finds the best CNN architecture used for weed identification system with respect to accuracy. © 2021 IEEE.