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A hybrid approach for pansharpening using Hilbert vibration decomposition
, K.K. Sharma
Published in Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.
Pages: 2801 - 2805
Pansharpening scheme improves the spatial and spectral resolution of the multispectral (MS) images using the Panchromatic (PAN) image. In this paper, a new Hybrid pansharpening approach using Hilbert vibration decomposition (HVD) is proposed. In the proposed method both the MS and PAN images are decomposed into many instantaneous amplitudes and frequency components in the decreasing order of energy using the HVD. The instantaneous amplitude of the first component (having highest energy) in the decomposition of the MS and PAN images are used to generate the pansharpened image using pansharpening model. Experimental results of the proposed technique in terms of both visual perception and objective metrics demonstrate that the proposed fusion scheme has improved spectral and spatial quality as compared to the existing schemes. © 2017 IEEE.