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A Modified Whale Optimisation Algorithm to Solve Global Optimisation Problems

Published in Springer
Volume: 140
Pages: 465 - 477

Whale optimization algorithm (WOA) is a novel and competitive swarm-based optimisation method that exceeds several previous metaheuristic algorithms in terms of simplicity and efficiency. Whale optimisation algorithm, a revolutionary nature-inspired algorithm, which mimics the behaviour patterns of humpback whales. WOA will interference with local optimization and greatly reduce accuracy for global optimization issue. To solve this type of problem, in this work, a new update equation has been developed named as modified whale optimisation algorithm (MWOA). Also, MWOA has been tested some CEC 2005 benchmark functions with dimension ranging from 2 to 30. The experimental outcomes show that the MWOA produce improved outcomes in terms of optimum value, convergence speed, and stability.

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JournalLecture Notes on Data Engineering and Communications Technologies
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