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A New Brute-Force Attack Method for Power System Restoration and Reconfiguration
Sathish Kumart K, , , , Kothari D.P.
Published in Medwell Publications
Volume: 6
Issue: 1
Pages: 16 - 19
This study approaches the problem of restoring a faulted area in an electric power distribution system after locating and isolating the faulted block. Through this study we are going to explain the power system restoration technique using brute-force attack method. This is a new technique based on the possible combination in mathematical analysis. For example, suppose for three digit number we have possible thousand combination (000-999) and there is only one solution so by taking all the possible combination and arranging them we can get the required one solution. In the same way in the power system if a node has fault than its near by agents will make all the possible combination with the near by node starting (1 st) to end (nth) and than will go up to the end load and the best solution path out of these combination will be used for the restoration. Although, this solution is little bit time consuming for big system but main advantage of this method is that it will give the 100% efficient result for the restoration of node considering the power availability of the feeders. Here due to fault in the system near by agent will be affected and become useless and will go mthe non-working mode. Now in order to restore these near by load we will give a new connection called NO (Normally Open). These connections work in such a way so that the switch will be in open state as long as there is no fault. But it will close with the load of near by feeder as soon as fault is there and they will restore the system by taking the only available power (extra power) from the feeder through bus connection. The effectiveness of the proposed brute force attack method is demonstrated by simulating tests in a proposed distribution network and verified the results using the c programming. © Medwell Journals, 2011.
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JournalInternational Journal of Soft Computing
PublisherMedwell Publications
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