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A New Indexing Technique for Healthcare IOT
Published in Springer Singapore
Volume: 105
Pages: 345 - 353
Healthcare IOT (H-IOT) is now offered as a technology enabler for gathering real-world health-related information. H-IOT index gathers, parses, and stores information to encourage quick and precise data retrieval. Indexing is a useful technique in every search and retrieval system. Indices are utilized to rapidly find information without searching each column in a database each time it is gotten too. The motivation behind to use an index is to upgrade speed and execution in finding applicable health reports for an inquiry question. Without an index, searcher would filter each report in the corpus, which would require impressive time and processing power. Since H-IOT has to accommodate two distinct data—data from medical records and data from IOT-Medical Devices (IOT-MD)—Indexing in H-IOT is not an easy task. Indexing the real-time streaming data is a major barrier to the development of healthcare IOT. Here, we have proposed a new indexing technique based on finite state automata for healthcare IOT. The performances are evaluated and compared with the existing indexing techniques, and the proposed technique outperforms all the existing techniques. © Springer Nature Singapore Pte Ltd. 2019.
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