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A new route to metallacycloalkanes
K. Dralle, N.L. Jaffa, T. Le Roex, J.R. Moss, S. Travis, N.D. Watermeyer,
Published in Royal Society of Chemistry
Issue: 30
Pages: 3865 - 3866
Reaction of the bis-alkenyl complex cis-[Pt(PPh3) 2-(CH2CH2CH=CH2)2] with Grubbs 1st generation catalyst gives, in high yield, the metallacycloalkene cis-[Pt(PPh3)2(CH2CH2CH=CHCH 2CH2)], which can be hydrogenated to the metallacycloalkane cis-[Pt(PPh3)2(CH2) 6]. © The Royal Society of Chemistry 2005.
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