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A Novel Designed Innovative VIT Chocolate Paan and it’s Health Benefits

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Abstract An innovative food item that cherishes the hearts of all people especially in India with varied culture and diversity which has flavoured ingredients, all making the tongue ask for more! In this study we had revisited traditional benefits of pan and The ingredients are chosen very wisely, based upon its nutritional values, which adds up to fulfil the taste buds which is also very healthy to consume. While we get all the delicate flavours of paan right on point, there is also a dash of chocolate that gives your mouth a delightful and sweet taste. Chocolate paan makes a perfect after-dinner mouth-freshener or it can also be served as a dessert which would make you drown into its refreshing and mesmerizing taste. We searched for the best ingredients to make the paan worth consuming to satisfy the taste buds. Our innovative food item is made suitable to eat for every age group, not just only for children, except the one those who have any kind of allergy with the ingredients of the chocolate paan. The content of this innovative cuisine is a perfect blend of flavours with rightly-mixed ingredients, which makes it tastes, even more, better than the usual ones! Our research was based on searching for the right ingredients which fulfil two conditions: one, it is healthy to consume and second, it has an enthralling taste. Keywords: Innovative Food; Flavours; Ingredients; Chocolate Paan; Refreshing; Healthy; Taste

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JournalActa Scientific Biotechnology
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