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A Novel Switched Capacitor based High Gain Boost Converter with efficient MPPT controller for LED Lighting Applications
Padmavathi P,
Published in IEEE

The paper proposed a novel switched capacitor based high gain quadratic DC-DC boost converter with Perturb & Observe MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking) controller. The converter configuration is appropriate to be employed in fuel cell and solar photovoltaic systems. The presented converter topology is designed with solar powered switched capacitor based voltage lift technique to provide high voltage conversion ratio. Due to variable atmospheric conditions it's very difficult to provide constant output to the LED (Light Emitting Diode) load. Even small change in the characteristics of LED that will effect to damage the load. Hence P&O (Perturb & Observe) MPPT controller is applying for the designed converter configuration in order to produce stable output with high gain under variable weather conditions. Due to high step up gain and symmetrical configuration of the circuit topology, the stress voltage across the power semiconductor devices is low. Hence, the metal oxide semiconductor field-effect transistor gives high performance with low ON state resistance. The design cost of the circuit is reduces because of using low voltage rating diodes. Also reverse recovery and conduction losses are low which improves the power conversion and efficiency of the converter. The principle of operation and steady state analysis of the circuit topology are conferred in detail. Finally a simulation experiment of proposed converter with 120Watts of LED load is simulated and verified with theoretical analysis.

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