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A QoS-Aware Hybrid TOPSIS–Plurality Method for Multi-criteria Decision Model in Mobile Cloud Service Selection
, Murugaiyan A,
Published in Springer Singapore
Volume: 828
Pages: 499 - 507
The business framework architecture and evaluation are changing the growth of mobile cloud computing (MCC). The business service users required the facilities for selecting the mobile cloud services according to their quality of service (QoS) values in the business environment. In such a business environment, QoS parameter values help to build consumer confidence and provide a reliable environment for them. So the proposed system suggests a hybrid based on TOPSIS algorithm and plurality voting method which is more efficient, trustable for selecting the best cloud services. This algorithm has three phases to identify the service in the ranking process. The first phase is used to make a group the parameters based on the user’s requirements. The second phase applied the TOPSIS method on each of the parameters to get the service ranking. The final phase employed the plurality method which is counted the voting for each service to determine the best services. The hybrid algorithm takes O(n2) time in the best service selection process which is better than existing popular AHP, ANP multi-criteria decision methods in terms of time complexity. © 2019, Springer Nature Singapore Pte Ltd.