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A qualitative research through an emerging technique to improve vocabulary for ESL learners
B.R. Aravind,
Published in Research Trend
Volume: 11
Issue: 2
Pages: 441 - 446
Converging in the direction of the identification on the current issues with lateral thinking on every field, language becomes a no bligatory field which needs to get upgraded at all levels. Henceforward, advances the necessity of the current research study. These skills are not only been utilized towards improvising the speaking and writing skills but plays a vital role in management capabilities on variety of skills which will be advantageous on various situations. Many students used to lose good opportunities due to insufficiency of vocabulary skills. Learning vocabulary is perplexing, principally ESL learners frontinghitches when comes to meanings of new words, spelling, pronunciation, usage of a new word, context guessing and so on. The present study advocates that ESL learners’ to confront vocabulary knowledge and also to advance the vocabulary level through the emerging technique of TED talks. TED, or Technology Entertainment and Design, was started in 1984 and covers all the topics on Earth and above in various cultures of the world. They have global community of people who have deeper understanding about their topics which can change the world by their attitudes and thoughts. Now a day’s TED talks get entangled with the personal constraints on a teachers’ view or perception. Henceforth it is been used towards specific or general means on learning. TED talks were used as an annexure towards a power pointed management also to make a demonstration anywhere. © 2020, Research Trend. All rights reserved.
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