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A review of various materials for additive manufacturing: Recent trends and processing issues
M. Srivastava, S. Rathee, V. Patel, , P.G. Koppad
Published in Elsevier Inc.
Volume: 21
Pages: 2612 - 2641

Tremendous growth has been witnessed in the field of additive manufacturing (AM) technology over the last few decades. It offers a plethora of applications and is already being utilized in almost every sphere of life. Owing to inherent differences between each AM technique, newer fields of research consistently emerge and demand attention. Also, the innovative applications of AM open up newer challenges and thus avenues for focused attention. One such avenue is AM materials. Raw material plays an important role in determining the properties of fabricated part. The type and form of raw material largely depend on the type of AM fabricators. There is a restriction on material compatibility with most of the established AM techniques. This review aims to provide an overview of various aspects of AM materials highlighting the progress made especially over the past two decades.

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JournalJournal of Materials Research and Technology
PublisherElsevier Inc.
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