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A Review on Spatial Big Data Analytics and Visualization
Seethapathy B.K,
Published in IGI Global
Pages: 179 - 197
Spatial dataset, which is becoming nontraditional due to the increase in usage of social media sensor networks, gaming and many other new emerging technologies and applications. The wide variety of sensors are used in solving real time problems like natural calamities, traffic analysis, analyzing climatic conditions and the usage of GPS, GPRS in mobile phones all together creates huge amount of spatial data which really exceeds the traditional spatial data analytics platform and become spatial big data .Spatial big data provide new demanding situations for their size, analysis, and exploration. This chapter discusses about the analysis of spatial data and how it gets descriptive manipulation, so that one can understand how multi variant variables get interact with each other along with the different visualization tools which make the understanding of spatial data easier.
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JournalModern Technologies for Big Data Classification and Clustering Advances in Data Mining and Database Management
PublisherIGI Global
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