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A short review on analysis, behaviour and construction of encased stone columns
Published in Disaster Advances
Volume: 9
Issue: 2
Stone column technique is considered effective technique in improving the soft clays and loose granular deposits. is also ideally suited for the loose granular mitigate liquefaction during earthquakes. columns derive its load carrying lateral confinement offered by the and thus increase the load carrying reduce settlement. To improve the stone columns in very soft clays and very loose silts, stone columns are encased to provide additional confinement. Geosynthetics has been used successfully for encasing the stone columns. This encasement provides additional restraint because of the hoop stress induced on the encasement. This encasement also brings several benefits to the stone columns like increase in stiffness of stone columns, prevents intermixing of stone columns and soil, improving drainage characteristics etc. This paper critically reviews the current research progress and synthesizes the available information on the construction, analysis and behaviour of encased stone columns.
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