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A study on different types of authentication techniques in data security
D.D. Kumar, K. Vijay, , E. Malathy,
Published in IAEME Publication
Volume: 8
Issue: 12
Pages: 194 - 201
In the current era, all of our data are secured by some security mechanisms because of some intruders, violators or trespassers as they pilfer the data and gain access to it which may lead to a huge issue for the users. These data are looted by creating a security breach in the system or tracing the data during transactions or by decrypting the data with some decryption algorithms, etc. Authentication plays an important role in security. To create an effective security and save the data from getting looted, different authentication techniques are used. These authentication techniques should withstand all the security breach, should not allow the violators to find the decrypt key. In this paper, we will discuss different types of authentication techniques to make the security more robust. © IAEME Publication.
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JournalInternational Journal of Civil Engineering and Technology
PublisherIAEME Publication