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A Study on Job Enrichment and Individual Performance among Faculties with Special Reference to a Private University
Venith Vijay M,
Published in Richtmann Publishing

Job enrichment is one of the cherished goals to achieve individual performance. It is essential to understand how job enrichment is a valuable tool for managing and fostering the successful employee performance. Enriched job consists of various elements like task significance, task identity and skill variety which improves the performance of employees and motivates them to perform zealously. This study intends to focus on the relationship between job enrichment and individual performance. A quantitative research is employed to explore the factors of job enrichment (Task Significance, Task Identity & Skill Variety) on individual performance in education institution. Data was collected from the faculties in private university using probability stratified random sampling techniques to measure the relationship between the three factors towards individual performance. An empirical evidence from the exploratory study is presented which identified that the second factor contributes more on enhancing the performance of the individuals. Further research can be conducted on other factors of job enrichment and their impact on individual performance of the employees in education institution. DOI: 10.5901/mjss.2015.v6n1p252

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JournalMediterranean Journal of Social Sciences
PublisherRichtmann Publishing
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