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A study on shear strength of beam reinforced with basalt fibre bars (BFRP)
, S Ramakrishnan, Kr Nandagopalan
Published in AIP Publishing
Volume: 2128

The headway in fiber-fortified polymer (FRP) development have an unmistakable interest in executing another kind of strands named as basalt fiber strengthened polymer (BFRP), which has the overwhelming furthest reaches of being disintegration sheltered, solid and financially savvy that convey a prevalent result when connected in solid structure. Also, the available codal arrangement and associates does not give any proposals to the utilization of BFRP bars since fundamental examinations and noteworthy applications are up 'til now limited. The target of our examination was advanced by two stages. The underlying stage was driven by inspecting the properties on BFRP and STEEL bars& these properties were assessed and contrasted and the codal arrangement. The second period of this test included testing of eight solid bars (4no's of RC bar and 4no's of BFRP bar) of size 1700mm long × 150mm wide × 250mm significant and to inspect the shear conduct of both BFRP and RC pillar under two - point stacking over a reasonable range of 1550mm until disappointment. The results of these two stages were talked about as far as its conduct in split, load, shear and the method of disappointment. Moreover, the test results demonstrate that the basalt bars have an extraordinary mechanical conduct over solid structures and it very well may be set as a substitution of STEEL bars for light, transitory structures. © 2019 Author(s).

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