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A Survey on Implementation Methods and Applications of Sentiment Analysis
Published in IGI Global
Pages: 44 - 58

Sentiment analysis also called opinion mining, and it studies opinions of people towards products and services. Opinions are very important as the organizations always want to know the public opinions about their products and services. People give their opinions via social media. With the advent of social media like Twitter, Facebook, blogs, forums, etc. sentiment analysis has become important in every field like automobile, medical, film, fashion, stock market, mobile phones, insurance, etc. Analyzing the opinions and predicting the opinion is called sentiment analysis. Sentiment analysis is done using opinion words by classification methods or by sentiment lexicons. This chapter compares different methods of solving sentiment analysis problem, algorithms, its merits and demerits, applications, and also investigates different research problems in sentiment analysis.

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JournalAdvances in Business Information Systems and Analytics Sentiment Analysis and Knowledge Discovery in Contemporary Business
PublisherIGI Global
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