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Accident Avoidance System using CAN
Kasde R,
Published in Indian Society for Education and Environment
Volume: 9
Issue: 30
Advancement in technologies to have a great vehicular experience safety system is very essential in automobiles. Accident can occur anywhere anytime hence there is a need to save human lives from an accident by detecting a mishap before it happens. As traffic hazards and road accidents are increasing day by day it causes huge loss of life and property because of the poor emergency facilities. The paper is aimed in advancements in cars for making it more interactive and intelligent for avoiding accidents on roads. As an improvement to safety systems a multi-sensor, control Area Network (CAN) based system is interfaced with Engine Control Unit (ECU) using ARM-7 microcontroller. In order to prevent from accidents different sensors are used to observe fatigue levels of driver, pulse rate, alcohol level, obstacle detection and also sudden collisions. Global positioning system, GSM and CAN technologies for faster communications make the system completely reliable, safe, and stable and it attains the expected result of real-time analysis of data very effectively to provide a safer drive.
About the journal
JournalIndian Journal of Science and Technology
PublisherIndian Society for Education and Environment
Open AccessYes