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Acid resistance of ternary blended nanosilica concrete incorporating fly ash and alccofine
A.N. Reddy,
Published in Horizon Research Publishing
Volume: 9
Issue: 2
Pages: 500 - 506
The use of industrial waste or byproducts as a replacement of cement leads to cost reduction, energy-saving, and is also eco-friendly. Studies reveal that the quaternary and ternary blended concrete may be superior in durability properties when compared with conventional concrete. With the expansion of the use of concrete structures in the sewage system, the corrosion effects of aggressive acid attacks on cement-based construction have gained more significance. The present study aims to investigate the acid resistance of M30 and M60 grades of concrete and the influence of the combination of fly ash, alccofine, and nanosilica in it. The combination of 25% fly ash, 10% alccofine and various percentages of nanosilica (0.5%, 1%, 2%, 3%) have been tested for 28, 56, 90,180 days for acid resistance. From the result, it is seen that the concrete with a combination of fly ash, alccofine, and nanosilica showed better performance in resisting the acid attack on M30 and M60 grades of concrete based on percentage weight loss of specimens over different curing periods. © 2021 by authors, all rights reserved.
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JournalCivil Engineering and Architecture
PublisherHorizon Research Publishing