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Alkoxyalkanol Modified Ti(OCHMe2)4: Synthesis and Characterization of Novel [(OPri)4-nTi (OC2H4OR)n]
, Samuel B, Tummalapalli K, Giri P.V, Koppala S, Bohra R, Kim K.J.
Published in Trans Tech Publications, Ltd.
Volume: 584
Pages: 415 - 419

Novel structural arrangements for alkoxyalkanol modified titanium tetraisopropoxide [(Ti(OPri)4, TPT] were obtained from stoichiometric reactions between TPT and alkoxyalkanols {HOCH2CH2OR,where R= Me, Et}. All the 1:1, 1:2, 1:3 and 1:4 reactions in refluxing benzene form mononuclear species [(OPri)4-nTi(OC2H4OR)n]. All these compounds can be purified by distillation under reduced pressure. On the basis of IR and NMR (1H &13C) spectral studies all the mononuclear derivatives have been obtained in tetrahedral geometry around titanium atom.

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JournalAdvanced Materials Research
PublisherTrans Tech Publications, Ltd.
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