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An analysis of the battle of Talikota
, S.A. Srinath
Published in Serials Publications
Volume: 96
Issue: 11
Pages: 4249 - 4255
One of the most significant battles in southern part of India that resulted in a huge blood shed among both the forces is the Battle of Talikota. Roughly 1.5 lakh of warriors died along with the destruction of the medieval city of Vijayanagara. This battle that happened in the year 1565 marked the beginning of the Hindu-Muslim dispute in the southern part of the country. The battle of Talikota not only resulted in the destruction of Vijayanagara but also many other surrounding territories'. With the data provided by famous researchers and by a thorough analysis on the subject, the Battle of Talikota is one of the most significant battles etched in South Asia's history. The battle lead by the famous king Rama Raya against a frontier of Muslim coalition saw the defeat of the Hindu army by a well-planned Sultan attack. The defeats say the Hindu armies fall in two centuries. © Serials Publications.
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