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An approach for detection of malicious node using fuzzy based trust levels in MANET
Manoj V, Raghavendiran N, Mohammed Aaqib M,
Published in ACM Press

Wireless Communication is vital during natural calamities, disasters and military operation. In the past few decades, security in the military operations is exposed to vulnerabilities like sniffing the information and modifying the data causing havoc in military camps. Consequently military applications required a secure way to exchange the data and stay away from enemy intrusion. Recent trends in military operations need a portable way of communicating between the units, quality of service and security to be full-fledged. However, in MANET mobile entities are prone to various security attacks due to dynamic changing topology, open medium and inhibited by limited energy, bandwidth and computational power. The paper addresses the security issues by incorporating the concept of Trust and Certification Authority to combat the misbehaving entities. Certificate Authority employs Fuzzy based analyzer to distinguish between trusted and malicious behavior of nodes by distributing the certificates only to the trusted nodes and detecting the misbehaving node. The proposed scheme is more secure, reliable and aids to improve the security in military operations.

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JournalData powered by TypesetProceedings of the 1st International Conference on Wireless Technologies for Humanitarian Relief - ACWR '11
PublisherData powered by TypesetACM Press
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