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An authenticated e-voting system using biometrics and blockchain
A. Priyadharshini, , R. {Joshua Samuel Raj}, S. Geetha
Published in
Volume: 1167
Pages: 535 - 542
In every republic, the security of an election plays an irreversible impact on the outcome of the election results which determine the growth of the nation. The diversity of the electronic voting systems poses an enormous challenge in the credibility of the voting procedure. In addition, it has to minimize the cost of having a national election, while fulfilling and increasing the security conditions. The recently popularized blockchain technology assists in escalating the security issues, which may disrupt many traditional systems including the voting system. The immutability property and the decentralized architecture of the blockchain technology are exploited to make it an appropriate base for an e-voting application. Blockchaining voting scheme allows transparency, immutability and control of the voting ballot to the end user. This paper addresses the successful deployment of a usable and efficient e-voting system built on Ethereum Smart Contracts which provides a high level of transparency. Biometric Authentication is implemented to ensure that a voter is privileged to cast only his vote and eliminates masquerading.
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JournalAdvances in Intelligent Systems and Computing