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An Early Warning System to Prevent Human Elephant Conflict and Tracking of Elephant Using Seismic Sensors
Sheebha Anni D.J,
Published in Springer International Publishing
Volume: 337
Pages: 595 - 602
Human Elephant Conflict has been a major issue in the forest border areas, where the human habitat is troubled by the entry of wild elephants. This makes HEC a major real time environmental based on research problem. The aim of this paper is to reduce HEC, by identifying the nature of the elephants as proposed by many ecology professors and researchers. The conflict varies depending on the field and the habitation of human and elephant. Hence the objective is to take a survey of elephant tracking using different methodologies and to help both human and the elephant. This article completely focus on the field based on survey, caused by both human and elephant and the technical and Non-technical methodologies used for elephant tracking. This paper also has a proposed methodology using seismic sensors (Vibration) with high quality video cameras. These methodologies illustrate a crystal clear view of elephant path tracking. The outcome of the proposed methodology expects to produce an early warning system, which tries to save the life of both human and elephants. © Springer International Publishing Switzerland 2015.