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An edge preserving smoothening filter for visibility restoration of hazy images
, K. Jahnavi, P.S. Snigdha
Published in Research India Publications
Volume: 10
Issue: 4
Pages: 10079 - 10086
The fog and haze present in the atmosphere causes the degradation of the colour and contrast in the outdoor images and also affects the efficiency of image processing algorithms. Hence, a proper visibility restoration algorithm is required which can remove the fog and also preserve the scene. The visibility restoration algorithms are classified as enhancement based and restoration based. Nowadays the later based methods are used with a single image input. All the earlier algorithms have the problem of removing fog near depth discontinuity. Hence, an edge preserving filter is incorporated into the Tarel’s model which has better restoration capabilities.This method is ideal for real time applications like driver assistance, lane marking etc. Quantitative and qualitative evaluation from the results proves that it gives good results. © Research India Publications.
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JournalInternational Journal of Applied Engineering Research
PublisherResearch India Publications