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An Empirical Evaluation of Adoption and Diffusion of New ICTs for Knowledge Sharing in IT Organizations
Vaidyanathan S,
Published in IGI Global
Volume: 10
Issue: 1
Pages: 1 - 14
This article describes how knowledge is one of the most important assets in organizations which should be carefully managed and is continuously generated throughout an organization. Knowledge sharing is a process through which, one person is affected by the experiences of another. This involves more than simply acquiring or transmitting knowledge from one party to another, but is a process of exchanging and processing knowledge in a way that knowledge of one person can be integrated and used in by another person. Plenty of studies on knowledge sharing have been examined by numerous companies. However, not many empirical studies have been conducted in accordance with the framed model of ICT as a determinant and sharing of knowledge through social media within IT companies. This empirical study is aimed at identifying the critical ICT factors for enriching the knowledge sharing among employees through social media in IT organizations. The expected outcome of this study will be analyzing and establishing the causal relationships between the ICT influencing factors and knowledge sharing through social media.
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JournalInternational Journal of Web Portals
PublisherIGI Global
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