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An empirical study on consumer's belief towards organic food products with reference to Vellore district
R. Uma,
Published in Serials Publications
Volume: 96
Issue: 9
Pages: 3045 - 3055
India is rapidly emerging as one of the largest growing organic sectors in the world. People are more concerned about food safety, particularly about pesticide contained food products. Organic farming utilises 1.1 million hectares which means that average size of Indian organic farm is 2 hectares. Organic food plays an important role in shifting consumers to more healthy eating habits. A small but growing number of health-conscious consumers are aware of organic food products in the market and willing to pay a premium price for the products, provided that products are readily available in the market with the consistent quality. Consumers' belief towards organic food products are increasing due to the change in the income pattern, improvement in the standards of living as well as easy availability of sustainable food products in urban areas, opening up of organic retail stores and, change in the belief system. Hence, people started to give importance to their health and avoid consuming pesticide contained food products. The present paper focuses on cognition in the form of belief affects the buying behaviour of consumers towards organic food products. The findings of the study conclude that income level plays a significant role towards belief in purchasing organic food products. © Serials Publications.
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