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An enhanced load balancing in cloud environment using ant colony optimization (MLB-ACO) algorithm
S. Swaminathan, , K. Kumanan
Published in Alpha Publishers
Volume: 10
Issue: 6
Pages: 2995 - 3005
The cloud computing gives a sequential request for conveyed assets on paid premise.Everyone would like to use these tools to reduce storage and maintenance costs, so the demand on the cloud raises every day.Load-balancing is one of the most-huge issues confronting distributed computing today. Burden ought to be genuinely circulated among all hubs. Appropriate burden adjusting can limit the vitality utilization and carbon discharge. There are many burden adjusting calculations left. Every one of these calculations work in various manners and have a few preferences and detriments. The most basic impact of burden adjusting calculations is to comprehend highlights like value, proficiency, adaptation to internal failure, overhead, yield and time and asset utilization. This paper is predicated on unique burden the board for a cloud domain will give a crucial outline on load adjusting and dynamic burden the executive’s functionality. In the cloud sequential environment, we can discover a practically ideal arrangement inside a brief time of time.Modified Load Balancing-Ant Colony Optimization (MLB-ACO) calculation is considered to have an ideal burden adjusting arrangement in a distributed computing condition.Experimental outcomes exhibit that proposed model exceeds existing models in terms of transmission delay, execution time, reducing energy consumption, increasing resource utilization and decreasing the number of energetic nodes. © 2020 Alpha Publishers. All rights reserved.
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JournalJournal of Green Engineering
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