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An experimental investigation on the effect of nano silica in concrete
S.U. Anumeena,
Published in IAEME Publication
Volume: 9
Issue: 3
Pages: 152 - 157
Nowadays construction industry is facing a great demand for cement. To tackle the future needs, Nano technology has come up with an excellent development by introducing it in the construction sector. This technology is achieved by the application of Nano materials in cement based materials. One such material is nano silica which is presently used in concrete to improve its strength and other properties. This work focuses on the study of nano-silica in high strength concrete of grade M50 and its effect on the mechanical and durability properties with the use of nano-silica as partial replacement with various percentage say 1%, 2%, 3% and 4%. The mechanical properties and durability properties of the conventional concrete and concrete incorporated with nano silica were studied and the study reveals that nano silica incorporated concrete shows an improved performance than the conventional concrete and therefore nano silica can be used as an alternative product to the use of cement. © 2018 IAEME Publication. All rights reserved.
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JournalInternational Journal of Civil Engineering and Technology
PublisherIAEME Publication