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An extensive review on recent evolutions in object detection algorithms
Published in World Academy of Research in Science and Engineering
Volume: 8
Issue: 7
Pages: 3766 - 3776
The domain of Computer Vision Algorithms has achieved exemplary development in the past few years. Owing to its wide range of applications, especially in object detection, image classification and image segmentation, it has gained its own significance in this technological era. This paper provides a significant remark on fractal and multifractal methods for object identification in images and also a keen review of various Computer Vision algorithms and their features for detecting objects. We have also significantly analyzed the previous contributions on various algorithms discussed for the object detection process. © 2020, World Academy of Research in Science and Engineering. All rights reserved.
About the journal
JournalInternational Journal of Emerging Trends in Engineering Research
PublisherWorld Academy of Research in Science and Engineering