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An Information Retrieval and Recommendation System for Astronomical Observatories
Mukund N, Thakur S, , Aniyan A.K, Mitra S, Philip N.S, Vaghmare K,
Published in American Astronomical Society
Volume: 235
Issue: 1
We present a machine-learning-based information retrieval system for astronomical observatories that tries to address user-defined queries related to an instrument. In the modern instrumentation scenario where heterogeneous systems and talents are simultaneously at work, the ability to supply people with the right information helps speed up the tasks for detector operation, maintenance, and upgradation. The proposed method analyzes existing documented efforts at the site to intelligently group related information to a query and to present it online to the user. The user in response can probe the suggested content and explore previously developed solutions or probable ways to address the present situation optimally. We demonstrate natural language-processing-backed knowledge rediscovery by making use of the open source logbook data from the Laser Interferometric Gravitational Observatory (LIGO). We implement and test a web application that incorporates the above idea for LIGO Livingston, LIGO Hanford, and Virgo observatories. © 2018. The American Astronomical Society. All rights reserved..
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JournalThe Astrophysical Journal Supplement Series
PublisherAmerican Astronomical Society
Open AccessYes