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An insight into the lipid abnormalities in type 2 diabetes mellitus patients in Vellore region, South India
Hari S.A., Asokan P.,
Published in IJPPS
Volume: 6
Issue: SUPPL. 2
Pages: 847 - 850
Objective: The objective of the present study is to evaluate the pattern of lipid profile parameters and correlate with HbA1C in Type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM) subjects of Vellore region, South India. Methods: 286 clinically diagnosed Type 2 diabetic patients were included for this study. Fasting blood samples were collected for HbA1C, blood glucose and lipid profile estimation. Results: Only 139 of the total patients studied (n=286) had good glycemic control (HbA1C values < 7%, Group A) and the remaining 147 had HbA1C values > 7% (Group B), indicating relatively poor glycemic control. The total cholesterol, triglycerides and non-HDL values (mg/dl) for group A were 174.3 ± 28.7, 165.9 ± 67.9 and 135.5 ± 29.3 and for group B, they were 189 ± 44.6, 203 ± 93.4 and 145.2 ± 45.4. Conclusions: The values of both the groups were above the target values recommended by the NCEP-ATPIII guidelines. The correlation of HbA1C with triglycerides was found to be more significant than correlation with other lipid parameters. Patients with good glycemic control exhibited more favorable (20.1%) blood lipid levels (none out of target) than those with poor glycemic control (6.1%). This data indicate that HbA1C can be used as a biomarker for establishing mixed dyslipidemia in T2DM. Our study indicates substantial underachievement of treatment goals by diabetic patients in both the groups.
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JournalInternational Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences
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