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An intuitionistic fuzzy approach with rough entropy measure to detect outliers in two universal sets
T. Sangeetha,
Published in IGI Global
Volume: 9
Issue: 3
Pages: 100 - 117
The process of recognizing patterns, collecting knowledge from massive databases is called data mining. An object which does not obey and deviates from other objects by their characteristics or behavior are known as outliers. Research works carried out so far on outlier detection were focused only on numerical data, categorical data, and in single universal sets. The main goal of this article is to detect outliers significant in two universal sets by applying the intuitionistic fuzzy cut relationship based on membership and non-membership values. The proposed method, weighted density outlier detection, is based on rough entropy, and is employed to detect outliers. Since it is unsupervised, without considering class labels of decision attributes, weighted density values for all conditional attributes and objects are calculated to detect outliers. For experimental analysis, the Iris dataset from the UCI repository is taken to detect outliers, and comparisons have been made with existing algorithms to prove its efficiency. Copyright © 2020 IGI Global.
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JournalInternational Journal of Fuzzy System Applications
PublisherIGI Global