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An online question & answer platform
, K. Asrani, P. Devaki
Published in
Volume: 7
Issue: 4
Pages: 284 - 288
(A Question and Answer Software is a software that focuses on answering the questions one might put up on an online platform. These are usually implemented by large organizations which aim on implementing a platform where users can clear their doubts about their respective fields. It varies from small scale to large scale or from topic to topic. Many of these platforms may restrict access to either their employees or make it a public one. The disadvantages of the existing systems are less security, searching efficiency is less, chances of faking answer. One may access these sites/applications from another's system in case they are not public or access the ones which are and post answers which aren't relevant. Sometimes people even lie on such platforms and there might not be any checker to cross-analyze these answers. Now one might also want similar answers to their question which may resolve their query beforehand. Problems which are undertaken are first, making sure that there is more security and safety. Second, helping the users to search answers for similar questions which may answer their question beforehand and even highlight other important points worth knowing. There had to be a way to find if the answers are worth trusting. One can’t just blindly trust anything they read on the internet. They either look for other users who've said the same thing or maybe a trustworthy person like an expert. So in order to resolve these problems, the software created focuses on ensuring that a user has to make an account in order to access the website. Both users and experts can make their accounts and help out people with their queries. Third, there would be a similarity check that would allow the person to review similar questions and get more information. Lastly, this is a system which allows you to grade the answer you read with respect to how much it helped a person so others can trust the answer and its eligibility and see if it’s legit. One can find a number of such platforms, varying from technical to a know-all domain. Quora or Yahoo! Answers are standalone Question and Answer Softwares and along with StackOverflow, Qhub, and they all are open source.). © 2018, Blue Eyes Intelligence Engineering and Sciences Publication. All rights reserved.
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