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An optimum QoS based dynamic algorithmic assistance module approach in aiding 5G
Ronak Agarwal, Souvik Dandapat, Shubham Gupta,
Published in
Pages: 407 - 413
In this paper, an Algorithmic Assistance Module (AAM) is implementedto work on the on-going 5G technology and to counter the various drawbacks it might face soon. The three algorithmic strategizes proposed in our paper have been objectified in improving the spectral efficiency, minimizing the interference, avoiding call drops, enhancing the throughput, cutting off the hardware expenses and lessening the latency. The first module eliminates the unicasting of identical data contents and uses the IAV algorithm for dynamic allocation of the identical data. Minimizing the on route interference and thereby reducing the power by involving less numberof user equipment (UEs) based on their active status from source to the receiver in Underlay Device to device communication model is our second assistance module. The exponential increase in the population density across the globe appeals high data rate, which demands the spectrum to be utilizedmore efficiently. Through our third assistance module, maximizing the spectral efficiency is planned and minimizing the hardware expenses for each antennae array through the implementation of our hybrid weights.
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JournalProceedings of the 5th International Conference on Communication and Electronics Systems, ICCES 2020