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Analysis of DC and analog/RF performance on Cyl-GAA-TFET using distinct device Geometry
S.K. Vishvakarma, A. Beohar, , P. Trivedi
Published in Institute of Physics Publishing
Volume: 38
Issue: 7
In this paper, analysis of DC and analog/RF performance on cylindrical gate-all-around tunnel fieldeffect transistor (TFET) has been made using distinct device geometry. Firstly, performance parameters of GAATFET are analyzed in terms of drain current, gate capacitances, transconductance, source-drain conductance at different radii and channel length. Furthermore, we also produce the geometrical analysis towards the optimized investigation of radio frequency parameters like cut-off frequency, maximum oscillation frequency and gain bandwidth product using a 3D technology computer-aided design ATLAS. Due to band-to-band tunneling based current mechanism unlike MOSFET, gate-bias dependence values as primary parameters of TFET differ. We also analyze that the maximum current occurs when radii of Si is around 8 nm due to high gate controllability over channel with reduced fringing effects and also there is no change in the current of TFET on varying its length from 100 to 40 nm. However current starts to increase when channel length is further reduced for 40 to 30 nm. Both of these trades-offs affect the RF performance of the device. © 2017 Chinese Institute of Electronics.
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JournalJournal of Semiconductors
PublisherInstitute of Physics Publishing