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Analysis of the alignment of micro-steel fibers in admixture- based self-compacting concrete (MSFR-SCC) using NDT and evaluation of its effect on the modulus of rupture
V. Athiyamaan,
Published in Faculty of Engineering, Universitas Indonesia
Volume: 10
Issue: 1
Pages: 5 - 15
Self-compacting concrete (SCC) is a particular type of concrete that flows and becomes consolidated under its own weight. Various have been conducted to enhance its performance. Key developments have been the addition of fibers and replacement of the mineral admixtures; several studies have focused on varying these factors in different proportions to produce a high performance concrete. However, there is no standard mix design for self-compacting concrete containing admixtures. Therefore, optimization of the mix design is very important in order to save time and to develop an economical SCC, but there has been no detailed study of mix design and optimization of materials, and no research into the alignment and orientation of the steel fibers. Along with the uniform dispersion of fibers, few steps have been taken to optimally align the micro steel fibers, with ultrasonic pulse velocity used to justify their distribution and alignment. These factors were taken into consideration in this study. The results show that the addition of steel fibers reduces the rheological properties of the concrete by 40%-55% compared to the control mix (MC1), although all the mixtures (MC1-MX4) justified the guidelines set by EFNARC (European Federation of National Association Representing for Concrete). All the specimens failed under shear. The addition of hooked-end micro steel increased the flexural strength compared to the control mixture and a 60% increase in MX4 and 75% increase in MA7 were observed compared to MC1. The fibers were aligned along the direction of flow and the alignment properties was justified by flexural strength and UPV. A regression equation was finally developed between flexural strength and UPV for future development, which predicts the behavior of micro steel fiber reinforced self-compacting concrete (MSFRSCC). © IJTech 2019.
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JournalInternational Journal of Technology
PublisherFaculty of Engineering, Universitas Indonesia