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Analytical Investigation of High Rise Building under Blast Loading
Vinothini P,
Published in Indian Society for Education and Environment
Volume: 9
Issue: 18
This paper presents the dynamic response of high rise building subjected to blast loading. It is about understanding the explosion phenomena and investigating the dynamic response of a concrete frame structure by using SAP2000. Building is of 10 storey is exposed to 30kg TNT and 60kg TNT with three different standoff distances of 10m, 12.5m and 15m respectively. A non-linear three Dimensional is used for analyzing the dynamic response of a structure. In the present scenario, structures under blast loading (i.e. bomb explosion) are acting in short duration with high pressure intensity of shock wave which is outlined in section of TM-5 1300.The aim of this paper is to investigate the performance of high rise buildings under blast loading, blast phenomena and dynamic response of a concrete frame structure under blast loading by using SAP2000 software. Blasting vibration responses are simulated by using MATLAB program. The result obtained in terms of time history function, displacements and influence of the parameter considering the resistance of structure. Therefore, for decreasing the facade on surrounding buildings, moderate explosive energy is used to control the structural damages due to explosion.
About the journal
JournalIndian Journal of Science and Technology
PublisherIndian Society for Education and Environment
Open AccessYes