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Antitumor activity of biosynthesized silver nano particles from leaves of Momordica charantia against MCF-7 cell line
, K. Sathish Kumar, J. Madhusudhanan, J. Sandhya
Published in Sphinx Knowledge House
Volume: 8
Issue: 7
Pages: 351 - 362
Nano materials are utilized in the pharmaceutical field which can be developed into novel agents with less side effects and cost effective process. Biosynthesized silver nanoparticle from Momordica charantialeaves aqueous extract and Invitro study of anticancer activity against Breast cancer cell line MCF-7 showed significant activity. The MTT assay methods were followed for evaluating the cell viability and cytotoxicity for both plant extract and plant-silver nanoparticle. The subjected cells were drawn for the DNA fragmentation assay and the DNA bands were visualized in GEL-Documentation and the DNA ladder of 1KB used as Marker for reference. The Cell toxicity of 63.26% on plant extract and 67.16% on plant-silver naoparticles synthesized activity were recorded against MCF-7 cell line and DNA bands were sheered and recorded at 1.5 % for plant extract and 2.5% of plant-silver naoparticles. The FT-IR analysis of silver nano particle from plant extract showed presence of alkynes, alkene and amine functional group and SEM-EDX analysis showed the particle size of 96.3nm and presence of Cl, Ag, O, Na, Mg, Si and Al. The functional development of novel compounds from silver nano particle from biosynthesized process has good potential than other characteristic drugs used. © 2015, Sphinx Knowledge House. All rights Reserved.
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JournalInternational Journal of ChemTech Research
PublisherSphinx Knowledge House