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Application of Artificial Neural Network and Genetic Programming in Civil Engineering
Samui P, Choubisa D, Sharda A.
Published in IGI Global
Pages: 1022 - 1036
This chapter examines the capability of Genetic Programming (GP) and different Artificial Neural Network (ANN) (Backpropagation [BP] and Generalized Regression Neural Network [GRNN]) models for prediction of air entrainment rate (QA) of triangular sharp-crested weir. The basic principal of GP has been taken from the concept of Genetic Algorithm (GA). Discharge (Q), drop height (h), and angle in triangular sharp-crested weir (?) are considered as inputs of BP, GRNN, and GP. Coefficient of Correlation (R) has been used to assess the performance of developed GP, BP, and GRNN models. For a perfect model, the value of R should be close to one. A sensitivity analysis has been carried out to determine the effect of each input parameter. This chapter presents a comparative study between the developed BP, GRNN, and GP models.
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JournalCivil and Environmental Engineering
PublisherIGI Global
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