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Application of Sustainable Textile Finishing Using Natural Biomolecules
Published in Bellwether Publishing, Ltd.

The textile processing and finishing industry is the mainstay for the apparel segment. The textile processing and finishing industry consume an enormous amount of chemicals and release harmful substances to the environment. Therefore rethinking and refinement of the practice adopted and the techniques involved in processing and finishing are very much significant. The consciousness toward environmental protection, pollution control, and user-friendliness are the reasons for emerging trends with sustainable concepts where natural materials, plant ingredients, plant extracts can be used for textile finishing. This review paper discusses the exploratory qualitative study about the natural ingredients, extraction processes, finishing on textiles for various applications, its effects, and results. The applications of textile finishing processes covered in this article are fragrance finish, bio-polishing, bio-stone washing, insect repellent, and UV protection. This article also deals with the various methods of finishing textiles using natural products such as pad-dry-cure, microencapsulation, exhaust method, spraying technique, etc., and its implications. The finishing process using natural products has obtained satisfactory results with various tests for analyzing the properties of textiles after finishing. The critical analysis of this article has revealed that the textile finishing process using natural products seem to be economical, sustainable, have control over environmental and health hazard. © 2020 Taylor & Francis.

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JournalJournal of Natural Fibers
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