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Assessing the urban design qualities of streets for pedestrians: A case study of gurgaon
V. Khetrapal Kumar, S.K. Mishra,
Published in International Journal of Scientific and Technology Research
Volume: 8
Issue: 12
Pages: 3067 - 3073
Urbanization is taking over all the cities rapidly. Urban design is all about place making. Urban design is nothing but visualizing which will be an environmentally, socially and economically viable space. Urban design of an area includes built mass, transportation network, economic sustenance, and other aspects together. Streets are the backbone of city. Spatial qualities of streets give better street environment, livability and adaptability to the street users. Urban design of and area not only aff2ects the inhabitants of the building, but also the people passing by. Walking is very personal experience and many surrounding factors affects the walking experience. The good street environment can motivate people to wa lk, which will lead to safe community, interactive streets, healthy living and better environmental conditions. Quality of urban design can be measured through identified quantitative method of evaluation evolved by Ewing and Hand in 2009. The spatial qualities of streets based on its physical characteristics such as Imageability, enclosure, human scale, transparency and complexity can be measured to understand the existing conditions. The identified physical characteristics can be measured based on the color, shape, size of buildings, sizes of windows, height of buildings, activity on the street, number of people on street, landscape, etc. This paper aims to evaluate the urban design qualities of selected streets in Gurgaon with respect to the identified parameters. The final evaluated values can be discussed for Better Street fabric, which gives safety, accessibility, and mobili ty to all street users. The complete streets are context sensitive streets and to have in-depth knowledge of context, urban design qualities will be the sole contributors. The method adopted to study is based on literature review and field survey (questionnaire survey, photos, byelaws and observation). The observed values will be measured with the help of identified coefficients and based of total values the street characteristics can be reviewed. © IJSTR 2019.
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