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Assessment of groundwater chemistry in semi-Arid region around Veeranam Tank, Tamilnadu, India
, M. Ganesan
Published in EM International
Volume: 23
Issue: September
Pages: S49 - S56
The factors influencing the groundwater quality around Veeranam Tank, Tamilnadu, India is assessed in this study by Gibb's diagram, scatter diagram and correlation coefficient matrix. A total of 120 groundwater samples were collected during southwest monsoon, northeast monsoon, winter and hot weather periods during the water year 2015-2016. The Gibb's diagram denotes that both evaporation and rock-water interaction occurs. The chloro-Alkaline indices suggest that ion exchange is the dominant process. The various sources of ions to groundwater are identified through scatter diagram between various ions of groundwater. The scatter diagram also illustrate that, groundwater is subjected to evaporation in the aquifer. The statistical correlation analysis indicates that groundwater chemistry is influenced by natural saline water intrusion and anthropogenic activities. The integrated results implies that groundwater quality is influenced by rock-water interaction, ion exchange, weathering, dissolution of salts, leaching process, evaporation and also due to infiltration of chemical fertilizers that applied to agricultural lands.
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JournalEcology, Environment and Conservation
PublisherEM International