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Assimilation and intergration of cultures: A study of transnational experiences in Selina Siak Chin Yoke's novel 'The Woman Who Breathed Two Worlds'
T. Abirami,
Published in Blue Eyes Intelligence Engineering and Sciences Publication
Volume: 8
Issue: 1C2
Pages: 1162 - 1165
The evolution and transformation of human beings is a part of nature, but as human beings civilized,they started to migrate from one place to another to enhance their condition of existence. As time passed, migration has transformed into different frames and even people have transformed themselves according to advancements in technologies. At present, migration has become an ordinary occurrence due to globalisation. Its not that migration alone has transformed, but also the perspectives of the migrants; they have started to adapt to the migrated culture without giving up their origin culture. They maintain multiple connections with different nations without disturbing their origin. The theory of studying the multiple networks of immigrants and undergoing struggles in acclimatising and emerging with both the migrated culture and native culture is termed as transnationalism. “When people overcome the crisis by accepting, adapting and emerging with both the identities making dual identity and multiple connections with other nations the they are termed as transnationals or trans-border communities”. (Abirami and Alamelu, 2018, p34)Both men and women migrate, but when women migrate, they undergo infinite struggles in their migrated land. When women transcend nation, they are labelled as transnational women; many writers have penned and verbalised the tussles and challenges of immigrant women. Among those writers, SelinaSiak Chin Yoke's novel The Woman Who Breathed Two Worlds sets as a best model to interpret transnational women's experience. The objective of the present paper is to analyse the transnational experience and the tussles of immigrant women in the novel The Woman Who Breathed Two Worlds through the lens of orthogonal cultural identification theory. © 2019 Blue Eyes Intelligence Engineering and Sciences Publication. All rights reserved.
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