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Asthmatics treatment updation and compliance in the asthma management in Northern Districts of Tamilnadu
M. Dhandayuthapani,
Published in J. K. Welfare and Pharmascope Foundation
Volume: 11
Issue: 3
Pages: 4990 - 4997
The purpose of this study is to evaluate the treatment of asthmatics in Tamilnadu’s northern districts and its compliance in socio-economic aspects. A random sampling, and the non comparative study conducted among 500 asthmatic people around the northern districts of Tamilnadu, including Chennai, Kanchipuram, Vellore, and Puducherry. The questionnaire asked the asthmatics about their treatment updation, and compliance in asthma management, in an open-ended and easily understandable manner. The Pvalue calculated through the social statistics software and p-value of <0.10 was considered statistically significant. A total of 500 patients enrolled in this study. Total Men asthmatic patients enrolled were 272(55.4%), and women patients were 228(45.6). In asthma, there are two types of drugs involved in the treatment.1.Reliever drugs and 2. Controller drugs. Four hundred seventeen patients in treatment, 6% of patients were in reliever treatment, 69% were in the controlled, and 25% in both the drugs treatment, respectively.In addition,patients in ICS+ LABA combination was 390.21% of patients were in Formoterol+ Beclomethasone(FBE) combination, 39% in Formoterol +Budesonide(FBU), 6% in Formoterol+Fluticasone(FF),4% in Formoterol+Momentasone(FM) and 30% in Salmeterol+Fluticasone(SF). Money spent on their treatment.24% patients spent less than Rs.150 for their asthma treatment for a month, 29% spent Rs.150-300 and more than Rs 300 spent by 47% of the patients. In Asthma Management, Medical practitioners had prescribed ICS +LABA combination for their asthma patients; as a result, patients felt an improved quality of life. © 2020, J. K. Welfare and Pharmascope Foundation. All rights reserved.
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